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Dean W. Arnold

Portrait by Gordon Wetmore
Portrait by Gordon Wetmore

Dean W. Arnold is a journalist and publisher in Chattanooga, Tennessee and the author of America’s Trail of Tears: a story of love and betrayal.

He graduated from Covenant College on Lookout Mountain with an emphasis in history and philosophy but has learned a good bit of late from John Chrysostom.

His avocations include jazz, genealogy, golf, and good cigars.

Arnold is a fifth generation Californian on both sides. His great-grandfather, Perceval T. Gerson, worked as a medical doctor at the turn of the century in a small suburb called Hollywood. After watching several stages built and torn down for outdoor dramas, he called together the town’s leaders to build an amphitheater—the Hollywood Bowl. Arnold’s 7th great-grandfather, Stephen Arnold, settled the furthest edge of the frontier in southwest Virginia just before Thomas Jefferson bought the Natural Bridge property next door.

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